Hark! The Holiday Season Starts!

The surge in holiday direct mail has begun!  The week of November 9th – after the election –  was key timing with over 100 pieces hitting one colleague’s mailbox in just that week; 212 thus far in November! Following is a look at just a few examples. You’ll see they cover all product categories – apparel, accessories, kids, home, furniture, food and gift.

Women’s and men’s catalogs made up a large part of the post-election surge in mail volume. Most cover creative was not overtly holiday inspired, instead appealing to self-purchase.


j mclaughlin_nov 2020.jpeg
spartina_nov 2020.jpeg
frances valentine_nov 2020.jpeg
splendid_nov 2020.jpeg


territory ahead_nov 2020.jpeg
roark_nov 2020.jpeg


appaman_nov 2020.jpeg
tea_nov 2020.jpeg

Fashion accessory and shoe brands also made a big brand impression with full-size catalogs.

shinola_nov 2020.jpeg
freda salvador_nov 2020.jpeg
john hardy_nov 2020.jpeg

Many consumers ventured outside for recreation in the past months. Brands focused on apparel and gear for winter activities kept their names top-of-mind with November direct mail.

backcountry_nov 2020.jpeg
Yeti_nov 2020.jpg
stio_nov 2020.jpeg

Furniture brands sought to keep the bump to business going with full-trim size, perfect-bound books with just a hint of holiday on the covers as “Home” is the place to be this Holiday. Page counts ranged from 44 to 84.

arhaus_nov 2020.jpeg

Tis the season to plan the holiday meals and plenty of food brands provided feasting suggestions with full-size catalogs.

honeybaked ham_nov 2020.jpeg
john&kira's_nov 2020.jpeg

While apparel, home and accessories were subtle with holiday visual cues, gift and general home brands were full-on festive!

To keep abreast of holiday direct mail creative, be sure to click back here to the Creative Spotlight Blog. We’ll be highlighting creative regularly through Christmas.

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