A more advanced approach to web triggered direct mail marketing

Swift is a print re-targeting program that identifies and ranks future and existing customers using their most recent buying behavior and website browsing activity. 

Why Web Triggered Postcards with Belardi Wong

The Smarter Approach for targeting the most qualified browsers:


SmartMatch™ – Advanced tagging strategy to ensure the highest rate for matching browsers to a postal address and for matching your customers to your buyer file


SmartScore™ – Custom models combining site activity variables and co-op transactional data to ensure you are only mailing the most qualified browsers 


The Smarter Dashboard for weekly detailed analytics:


Advanced Segmentation – all browsers will be identified as customers (active and lapsed) or prospects and then segmented into deciles based on their SmartScore™


More Data and More Analysis to Fully Understand the Financial Impact – your weekly Smarter Dashboard will include robust analysis by customer segment, prospecting segment, SmartScore™, trade vs nontrade, channel, creative version, promo test…so we can optimize and scale your program quickly!


Testing strategies to optimize ROAS quickly – With offer and creative testing, we can quickly see how to optimize segmentation and creative for postcards that will drive results


A single trusted source makes success easy – Belardi Wong is the trusted DM (direct mail) agency for over 300 companies – let us manage your entire program so you can focus on what you do best!

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