This or That Cover Direction?

Deciding on creative direction for a direct mail piece cover is a big decision. It is, after all, where the brand’s conversation with the consumer and the sale start or end.

Here’s a suggestion: start by considering the end experience and the emotions the consumers will feel when they make your product a part of their life.

The following pages show two covers from multiple brands in variety of product categories. One cover reflects the end experience and the other does not. Which do you think is more engaging?

Women’s Apparel

This: a simple white page

Or that: a sophisticated, powerful presence

This: a generic fall root
Or that: a natural, breezy beauty

Men’s Apparel

This: lots of words on a fiery abstract image
Or that: a fearless, adventurous spirit

Food & Beverage

This: what looks like a manual
Or that: enjoying the company of others and belonging

Beauty Products

This: words about a revolution

Or that: realizing the dream of glowing skin

This: tubes, brushes and boxes
Or that: youthful beauty and fun


This: pretty kit components
Or that: a cozy, relaxed moment


This: dark graphic with bold words
Or that: a welcoming, peaceful place

Care to brainstorm cover concepts together? We’re all ears and ideas at Belardi Wong Creative. Give us a call.

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