Acquisition Services Update – Our Top 10 For 2019

We have made incredible progress in Acquisition Services over the last 12 months, and in addition to eight new hires including three new VPs, we are seeing great success in so many of our efforts. As we all look ahead to a successful 2019, here are the top 10 things that are top of mind for us. 

  1. We are expanding our reach in audience development- exploring new sources and new enhancements of tried and true sources within verticals and databases.
  2. We are seeing great success finding incremental audiences for digital marketing, returning our clients 3:1 on ad spend.
  3. We have seen a resurgence in alternative media (shared mail, package inserts, and on-serts), with dozens of recommendations out to clients.
  4. We are increasing branding for clients and driving sales through shared mailers and have since launched our Right@Home program targeted high-end new homeowners.
  5. We are seeing exciting changes with the co-op databases with the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) modeling using thousands of variables.
  6. We have continued to successfully launch online retailers into the direct mail space, including over 50 new brands into the mail in just the past year.
  7. We have been able to expand the customer reach of smaller niche offers by focusing on specific audience development.
  8. We are building our retail marketing toolbox for clients with over 20 marketing tactics to help drive store traffic and sales.
  9. We continue to successfully launch and expand on our triggered lifestage programs, including new movers and new moms.  
  10. We have transformed so many of our clients’ businesses, taking them from small DM test campaigns to sophisticated and significant direct mail programs.

As always, we are here to help you with your new customer acquisition efforts and are happy to be a sounding board for any new challenges or opportunities.

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