We Find and Reach the New Customers Who Will Power Our Clients’ Next Stage of Growth
Acquire the Best Customers

Belardi Wong helps brands effectively acquire new customers with significantly greater lifetime value. Driven by a dedicated acquisition team, with decades of experience, and powered by hundreds of data sources in the U.S. and internationally, Belardi Wong specializes in finding and reaching the customers who will power your next stage of growth. All of our clients use us to power their direct marketing acquisition.

Data and Print Media Services

New Customer Acquisition – Starting with a comprehensive view of your customers, we identify prospects with the identical attributes of your most valuable buyers. With access to data enhancement, custom modeling, and cooperative data, Belardi Wong is channel agnostic and develops prime prospect audiences to be used online and offline.


Print and Insert Media – We work with our clients to optimize their marketing spend, activate new channels, and acquire customers leveraging various forms of media and programs. Our senior account teams have decades of experience building and executing alternate media programs such as: package inserts, out-of-home, and magazine/newspaper insert placement and advertising.


Data Enhancement – Our proprietary, privacy-compliant database delivers premium quality data on 270+ million households, with 300+ key attributes. Leveraging highly detailed consumer insight helps to enhance the performance of your customer file and refine segmentation on existing and lapsed customers.


Monetizing Customer Assets – Brands and retailers have monetized their postal files for decades, generating thousands of dollars of supplemental income. Our team of experts leverage a wealth of experience and a network of 500+ brokers and agencies to maximize the return on our client’s data assets.

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