Inventory Issues: A Creative Update

Last month the Creative Spotlight blog addressed the topic of supply chain disruptions that are making it difficult to know what products will be in stock when fall and holiday direct mail pieces drops. The blog showed examples of creative workarounds to consider that promoted product categories versus showing and selling specific products with uncertain stock arrival dates.

Since last month’s blog, we’ve received three catalogs that addressed not-yet-in-stock product in different ways.

Todd Snyder teased a new collection with a closeup image that did not identify specific products. The copy promoted early access to the collection via email signup. Smart!

They created an aura of exclusivity with the early access messaging. Several natural email engagement opportunities follow email early access signups: “Thank you for signing up.”  “Early access ends today, have you seen…” “Product has arrived…” And after the cadence of direct mail and email touches, it’s highly likely a “Thank you for your purchase.” email would follow.

Todd_May 2021.jpeg

Hyperlite highlighted a broad category: summer 2021 apparel, and a specific product: a camera pod, in a spread that included adventure photography and a QR code leading to a page of new arrivals. (A CTA to early access signups for the products would have added purpose and power to the pages.) 

Hyperlite_May 2021.jpeg
Hyperlite_May 2021 1.jpeg
Hyperlite_May 2021 2.jpeg

Shady Rays announced the upcoming arrival of two new collections in a full spread. (Here too, a CTA to early access signups for the products would have added purpose and  power to the stories.)

ShadyRays_May 2021 1.jpeg
ShadyRays_May 2021.jpeg

It’s undeniable: The best-case scenario is for all direct mail content to reflect products that are certain to be in stock with the piece lands in home. But unprecedented situations call for creative solutions.

A direct mail piece that gives a little space to tease to new, exciting and soon-to-be available merchandise will still be doing its job of keeping the brand name top-of-mind and generating interest to drive the consumer online or to the store to shop.

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