Outstanding Holiday Creative

As is our tradition as the year comes to a close, our last creative blog of the year highlights examples of outstanding holiday creative.

There were many examples to choose from! Look on:

Dressing Up To Go Out

For consumers ready to celebrate out this year, catalog covers featuring dressy apparel provided elegant inspiration.

Jewelry Gems

We admired two very different approaches to jewelry creative. In one approach, heroic proportions celebrated the product’s beauty. In the other approach, a women’s allure romanticized the product’s beauty.

Gifts from Furniture Brands

Several furniture brands added small ticket products to their assortments and successfully positioned themselves as destinations for gifts.

Happy Holidays – Literally

Catalog covers that make spirits bright make response rates brighter too. Happy models sell products!

Puppy Appeal

Consumers can’t help but look and say “Aww!” when they see a pet on a cover. An adorable dog can help sell just about anything!

Outdoor Adventures

The weather outside is fun and  inviting – anything but frightful – as depicted by these outdoor gear and apparel brands. 

Unique Creative

We’re always keen to highlight unique direct mail creative.  Here are three uncommon pieces we saw this season:

Allbird’s broadside was a sales vehicle and gift in one. The side without product images or type was promoted as a piece of wrapping paper!

Figs’ holiday catalog was unique starting with the Xray-esqe cover. Inside, the product page on the left opened to a gatefold index highlighting categories that deviated from the medical apparel brand’s core offerings.

Figs 2/3
Figs Gatefold Fully Opened

Bedding and bath linens as Christmas gifts? Absolutely, when positioned as such like Parachute did with the Gift Guide double truck in the center of their holiday catalog.

Parachute Center Double Gatefold
Parachute Double Gatefold Fully Open

Gifts ‘A Plenty

By showing multiple items on the cover, these gift brands showed that they had plenty of options to offer

Trimming the Tree

The holiday answer to the art director’s question: How do we shoot all these little items and make a big impact?”: Style them into a tree shape!


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