Trends In Print That Will Persist

Even as online and mobile shopping are gaining share, turning the pages of a direct mail piece is yielding record response rates and ROAS. What are the characteristics of today’s page-turning DM pieces?

More big images, white space and story telling.

Fewer pages, items and words.

Here are examples of recent direct mail pieces that reflect these trends.

Catalog images that wow

  • Big, graphic images quickly capture the attention and imagination of consumers
  • Single large images can show and sell multiple skus

White space calls attention to images and copy

  • By being void of elements, white space and negative space force the eye to focus on images and copy blocks
  • White space and negative space can be within images or in the layout design

Strong stories are told visually and with few words

  • The strongest stories are created when images and words align
  • Tell your main message quickly in a short headline
  • Keep follow-up and selling copy short

Telling a story with “content” is appropriate – to a point

Here are two examples of instructional content coupled with selling product

UGC, endorsements and reviews are content that provides social proof that your brand is widely accepted

James Avery shows UGC on half of the catalog spread
Sarah Flint includes publication logos and quotes on the opening catalog spread

A brand can show and sell with fewer pages and less real estate overall

  • The role of today’s direct mail is to inspire. It is not necessary to show and sell every item in a brand’s assortment. A direct mail form factor with fewer, smaller pages can provide a perfect amount of real estate
  • The 6×9 digest with 20 to 24 pages is becoming a popular direct mail choice

A self-mailer such as a trifold, double gatefold or roll-fold is often all it takes to inspire, show and sell

Trifolds and double gatefolds are excellent for selling a single category

Front of Outerknown’s double gatefold that promotes their signature blanket shirt
First opening
Fully opened

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