It’s Time for a Smarter Approach to Web-Triggered DM

Digital platforms have become increasingly saturated, competitive, and more challenging to control via algorithmic campaign types. Simply put, Meta and Google cannot be the only tools in your bottom-funnel conversion toolbox.

We’ve found that your chances of reaching who you want, when you want, on social is about 18%. This means that you are not reaching four out of the five people that you would like to reach!

Web-triggered direct mail is a high-visibility remarketing tactic that helps to fill this gap in your bottom-funnel conversion strategy. If you aren’t remarketing to as many browsers as possible, then we know (unfortunately) that your peers and competitors probably are.

Web-triggered direct mail is not new, but Belardi Wong’s approach is smarter.

SWIFT is backed by decades of experience driving profitable performance in print for brands that target an affluent consumer.Web-triggered direct mail adds a touchpoint that serves as a reminder for your customer to return and buy. For clients that are always full-price brands, even a full price remarketing postcard can work – it is all about the added contact. However, if you do have any kind of promotions, we highly recommend putting that on postcards. Through SWIFT, we are bringing expert strategy, targeting, segmentation, and results to drive improved retention and retargeting across your business.

It’s time to extend your reach and target the most qualified browsers with the best approach to web-triggered postcard marketing in the industry. Ask us how SWIFT can get you better results – visit our website here or contact your Belardi Wong Account Manager today.

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