Bigger, Faster, Cheaper Postcards for Fall and Holiday

There are three great reasons to add postcards to your marketing mix this fall and holiday season thanks to a new Postal Regulatory Commission ruling that is effective August 29:

  1. More creative space. The maximum size has increased to 6”x9” versus the prior 6”x4.25” maximum size
  2. Faster delivery. The 6”x9” postcard can now mail first-class. First-class mail reaches homes in 1-3 three business days after entering the mail stream versus 2-8 days for standard-class mail
  3. Less expensive to mail. The first-class postcard mail rate is $.326 per piece versus the standard letter mail rate of $.330 per piece

For fall and holiday, these bigger, faster, cheaper postcards present an effective way to follow up catalog mailings for prospects and to advertise last-minute campaigns. All year long, postcards are great to use as thank you’s to drive second purchases and for store opening announcements.

Postcards are small but mighty. They have a 100% view rate since there’s nothing to click and nothing to open. Another plus: they require minimal creative resources to produce.

Keep these best practices in mind when executing postcard creative:

  1. Include an offer (mandatory!)
  2. Keep it simple; tell one story
  3. Make the headlines strong
  4. Include a prominent call-to-action
  5. Do not include a lot of small copy
  6. Incorporate eye-catching imagery
  7. Print on the heaviest possible paper stock, which will likely be 80# or 100# cover stock. Your printer can provide guidance on which stocks meet the approved thickness range of 0.009-0.016.

Here are some strong postcard examples for inspiration.
Note: these examples are not necessarily the 6”x9” size.

✓ Strong offers

✓ Simple
✓ Compelling image
✓ Single story

✓ Simple
✓ Minimal small copy
✓ Strong offer (note: strong does not necessarily mean big)

✓ Simple
✓ Compelling image
✓ Strong offer + CTA

✓ Compelling image
✓ Strong offer

✓ Charming image
✓ Note: personalization

✓ Simple
✓ Strong offer

✓ Simple
✓ Strong offer

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