Spring and Summer ’23 Direct Mail Retrospective

The dog days of summer are here and it’s a fitting time to reflect on how brands approached the warm weather season and holidays in direct mail. Following are examples of the most prominent themes across product categories.

Hot Colors!

The Pantone Color Institute declared the following colors as the standouts for Spring/Summer 2023.

For apparel, accessory and shoe brands, The Pantone Institute was right. Brights dominated in spring and summer 2023. The bright apparel trend even earned a name, “dopamine dressing,” which asserts that bright, joyful colors can lift one’s mood. Brights certainly captured attention on the covers of Q2 fashion direct mail.

Hot Pink!

Of all the dopamine brights, pink stood out as one of the hottest colors, its popularity boosted by the Barbie movie in Q2.

Globe Trotting Creative

With international travel fully open, brands wandered far and wide to capture imagery for spring and summer marketing. Consumers did too. The number of U.S. passengers flying to international destinations in April 2023 increased 28% compared with April 2022.


Costa Rica



Making a Splash

Temperatures rise in spring and summer, likewise the number of direct mail titles featuring swimwear on the covers. 

Outdoor Living Rooms

Consumers get extra living space – and areas to furnish – when the weather warms. Direct mail, with its space for large, enticing images, was ideal for planting seeds of decorating inspiration.

Entertaining Al Fresco

Inspiration for spring and summer entertaining was served on spring and summer direct mail covers.

Gathering & Gifting Inspiration

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Brands gave gathering and gifting ideas for the major holidays via direct mail.

Traditional Sales Cadence is Back

Covid wreaked havoc on everything, including traditional consumer buying patterns. In 2023, selling and buying patterns got back on track which included long-weekend and seasonal sales for home brands.

Spring Sales

Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Summer Sales

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